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Since 2001, Gugenheim Law has recovered almost $50 million for the families of victims injured or killed through the negligence of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals.

Gugenheim Law has obtained arbitration awards and jury verdicts throughout the State of North Carolina, including, Dare County, Iredell County, Randolph County, Vance County, United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Southern Division, and Wake County.


In 2003, Gugenheim Law obtained one of the largest verdicts ($650,000) in the history of Randolph County against a local nursing home.


In 2005, Gugenheim Law obtained one of the largest settlements ($890,000) in the history of North Carolina (in a pressure ulcer case) on behalf of the family of a hospital and nursing home resident who developed severe pressure ulcers and died.


In 2009, Gugenheim Law obtained one of the largest published settlements in North Carolina ($1.635 million) in a long-term care case on behalf of a family of an adult-care home resident who died after becoming entrapped in his bed rail.


In 2013, Gugenheim Law recovered $1 million as a result of the negligence of a daycare center.

Arbitration Awards

In 2014, Gugenheim Law obtained Plaintiff awards in two arbitrations against one of the largest nursing home operators in the United States.


In 2017, Gugenheim Law recovered one of the largest reported settlements, $1.9 million, for a patient who fell in a hospital.


In 2022, Gugenheim Law settled a case involving a nursing home patient who fell from a loading dock for $900,000, far in excess of the North Carolina damage caps.

Substantial Settlement

In 2022, following a fall in a healthcare facility that led to the patient's death, Gugenheim Law settled the case for a substantial amount.

*Gugenheim Law handles many cases with very complex legal and medical issues. The settlements, verdicts and awards listed are not intended to guarantee a result in your case or to mislead you into choosing this law firm based on our prior results. Each case has its own individual set of facts and issues that determine the value of the case. The settlements and verdicts identified on our website were all collected on behalf of our clients. The State Bar of North Carolina requires all lawyers to list unfavorable results as well as positive results.  Gugenheim Law had unfavorable results in two nursing home trials, one of which was reversed on appeal.  Gugenheim Law also had one case dismissed on summary judgment.

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